Institute for the Re-Imagining of Economics

We are a group of individuals interested in a process of Re-Imagining Economics. This begins from the base definition of the word "economics." "Eco" meaning depending upon its context as niche in "ecology," also home and community. The Greek root word is "Oikos." "Nomia" meaning counting and management. Together the meaning and definition should be something closer to the "management of home or community." It seems obvious that economics should be oriented toward managing policies which effect the well being of the home and community actually in the interest of the general population and in the interest of all affected communities without favoring one community or social strata over another.

Along the way the concept of the commons becomes primary rather than as a later consideration. This is the alternative to assuming that the interests of the commons will be better served through the adoption of policies which serve foremost private interests.

We see Modern Monetary Theory/Functional Finance and its commons centered economic, monetary, and fiscal body of principles and concepts to be the best current body of discourse available. It also reflects the behavior of sovereign and more local levels of economy.

At this point in a loose sense we are the Institute for the Re-Imagining of Economics. At some point I expect that we will incorporate.

The material posted here at this site is intended to support an educational process. In particular the tri-fold flyers listed in the papers and pamphlets section are designed to be used for public distribution If you choose to modify them, please, preserve the credits, and we would appreciate some linkage the Re-Imagining Economics website so that others can access to our other educational material. This includes covering the topics of white collar crime, cooperatives, and of progressive management, which often seem to be excluded from the domain of political economics.

As a point of disclosure to date the primary site administrator, article commentator, and writer/editor of most of the tri-fold flyers posted here is Tadit Anderson. It rankles me to press this issue in several ways, First, I continue to feel inundated by people who seem to assume that all that is required is to spew screeds which parrot theologically (also known as ideological) based economics, various pieces of political correctness, and great amounts of barnyard waste. As one person told me recently is that I seem to have an affinity for economics, perhaps, and I have also educated myself at every opportunity to understand numerous aspects of economics and related domains. Though I have an advanced degree I have also been a practitioner of political economy. Part of the offensive nature of various posers, is that the premise of credibility that is often used has no real merit in terms of economic performance AT ALL. To the extent that people all too often concede by apparent submissiveness and accept the posturing and repetition of lies and truisms as worthy of respect and even civility, the process degrades into a pretense of celebrity and really nothing else. For me this is a form of embezzlement, and it goes straight away contrary to what I believe are the capacities of most people and which is essential in any substantive democratic engagement. It also goes contrary to the princple of re-producing a culture of cooperation. The assumption of a fraudulent celebrity status is a major step toward fascism. This places me in the uncomfortable position of being forced to critique and expose fraud whenever I encounter it, and the number of fraudulent scams with economics aspects being perpetrated has seemingly reached tsunami levels. Tadit

We will be involved in both educational efforts of different types and various practical initiatives. We have produced occasional mini-conferences on related topics roughly every two months. If you have similar interests and would like to participate in some constructive way, please, contact us via email at

If you are interested in inviting one of us as a speaker to a local conference or to give a workshop, please, use the email address to contact us. Currently there are three of our group who are available to speak on related topics. Our purpose is to advance the economic and social capacities to establish a more commons and community based economics.

If you are just passing by to browse and read, please, consider pausing and giving us some feedback on the material that we have provided. email at

We are receiving on the order of 20,000 to 25,000 hits per month. The number of browsers is less and difficult to put a number to. As estimated by countries out side of the US the next larger group of visitors come from England and China. The early efforts in this process have been applied for many additional years.

We have had our first development phase board meeting toward establishing the Community Reserve Exchange Cooperative (see this link for an over view description: as an example of what we are describing as a Local Exchange Trading System 2.0 model. Simultaneous there is one person putting together an online version which is going to start out wwhich basic options and then add features as the process grows and as we manage the growth process.

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