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Elizabeth Warren Tackles Wall Street by William Greider, The Nation

Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced what I would call a seismic proposition, one very likely to disturb the sleep of complacent politicians. Why, she asks, should the Federal Reserve lend money to banks at an interest rate of less than 1 percent when the government intends to charge students 6.8 percent interest on their college loans? The senator posted an amusing billboard on her official website: Want to borrow money from the government? Don’t be a student. Be a bank.

Matheus Grasselli: How Advanced Mathematics Can Support New Economic Thinking

This is useful interview revolving around constructive versus ideological uses of mathematics within economics.

The Rise of Rafael Correa and Ecuador, an interview with William Black, UMKC

This is a great ramble by William Black, he seems to be speaking on an extemporaneous basis. He also generally omits any reference to MMT as a ongoing alternative to the Ricardian colonial/mercantilist perspective. He is well practiced at speaking and his fairly lucid writing.

Labour's forgotten jobs guarantee By Philip Pilkington, The Guardian Friday 7 June 2013

This week we have seen two interventions from Labour that mirror the current government's taste for austerity: Ed Miliband's commitment to copying the coalition's benefits cap; and shadow chancellor Ed Balls's call for "iron discipline" with regard to the fiscal deficit. This seems like a far cry from January, when Balls advocated a jobs guarantee programme to help the long-term unemployed get back to work. Yet with interest rates on government debt still at record lows, a jobs guarantee programme is exactly what Britain needs. And it's hardly an idea without foundation either.

Normalcy Bias: Reflections on a Western Epidemic by Don Quijones

According to scientific research, people caught up in disasters such as earthquakes or plane crashes tend to fall into three broad ategories: About 1 in 10 remain calm and act quickly and efficiently; around 15 percent completely panic, making it more difficult for others around them to react appropriately and in a timely manner; while the overwhelming majority of people do surprisingly little. Stunned and confused, they are simply unable to react to events. The reason for this is that they are suffering from what the experts call “normalcy bias.”

America Feeds The Rich: Equal Opportunity is Dead by Leo Gerad, Posted at Huffington Post

The Farm Bill that is expected to pass the U.S. House this week explains income inequality in America.

The Republican-sponsored proposal slashes food stamps for poor children and pads farm subsidies for wealthy agri-businessmen.

Goddamn The Pusherman Don Quijone, Raging BS Blog

Released at the height of the 60′s counter-culture movement, Steppenwolf’s The Pusher was chosen as the opening song of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper’s explosive cult classic Easy Rider (to listen to the song, click here). As its title suggests, the song is about drug dealers who aggressively “push” their often tainted wares on unsuspecting users.
Put simply, the pusherman “don’t care if you live or if you die.”

Sword Drops On Food Stamps The Nation Alert!!!!


IF NOT, IT IS MASSIVELY STUPID AND MEAN. SNAP aka in the US "Food Stamps" is not dependent upon taxes, it is a form of fiat currency.

If You See Something, Say Something! The “Light-Skinned” Men Threat to America by TIMOTHY KOECHLIN

After the explosion in West, Texas, witnesses across the country report having seen groups of “light skinned” men plotting to endanger innocent Americans.

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