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NGO representatives stop World Bank meeting By India Express News Service - BANGALORE April 9, 2013

World Bank’s multi-stakeholder meeting to review and update its current environmental and social safeguard policies ended abruptly here on Monday. Representatives of non-government organisations (NGOs), who participated in the meeting, accused the bank of funding environmentally unsustainable projects and charged that it was complicit in massive human rights and environmental violations.

World Bank Must End its Support for Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia by David Pred


A multi-billion dollar aid program administered by the World Bank is underwriting systematic human rights abuses in Ethiopia. Last September, Ethiopian victims submitted a complaint about the program to the World Bank Inspection Panel, which is tasked with investigating whether or not the Bank complies with its own policies to prevent social and environmental harm. A meeting of the Bank’s board of directors to discuss the Panel’s preliminary findings was postponed on March 19th due to objections from the Ethiopian government.

The Queen Mother of Global Austerity and Financialization by Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Sommers, Counterpunch

We typically honor the convention to refrain from to speak ill of the recently departed. But Margaret Thatcher probably would not object to an epitaph focusing on how her political legacy was to achieve her professed aim of “irreversibly” dismantling Britain’s public sector. Attacking central planning by government, she shifted it into much more centralized financial hands – the City of London, unopposed by any economic back bench of financial regulation and “free” of meaningful anti-monopoly price regulation.

Margaret Thatcher Is Dead: Where We Are Now by Dan Kervick. New Economic Perspectives April 9th, 2013

Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were seminal conservative politicians who came to power in 1979 and 1980 at the end of a period of profound transformation in the Anglo-American world. A postwar system forged in war, and built on a broad foundation of industrial labor, rising middle class prosperity, and an active government hand in economic development was transforming itself socially and economically into something quite different.

Bursting the Thatcher Bubble by David Corn, Mother Jones

The canonization of Margaret Thatcher began with nanoseconds of news reports that the former British prime minister and conservative icon had died at the age of 87. On MSNBC, my pal Chuck Todd remarked, "We lionize her over here." There was insta-commentary about how she saved Britain from economic despair and the rest of the world from the Soviets (with some help from a guy named Ronald Reagan). Excess ruled.

Inclusive Monetary Fund by Subhomoy Bhattacharjee April 08 2013 The India Express

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has decided that country surveillance will now include issues of job creation and inclusive growth. Considering that 'big government' usually runs to perdition spouting this mantra it is difficult to figure out how the subsequent IMF led clean up will do any better, if it is also locked in the same frame of reference.

The Looting Of America

This is probably the bluntest and most compact overview of the econo-mafioso thuggery that has been going on at an ever accelerating rate since Reagan, which makes the BHO admin the current pinnacle with its looting of US infrastructure including SS, Medicare, public education, and much more. In many ways it is the bringing back home the practices accomplished by the World Bank and the IMF in looting "developing countries."

Comparing Unemployment During the Great Depression and the Great Recession by William K. Black, NEP, UMKC April 5th

(I have put a copy of the conclusion at the beginnning to give an immediate idea where this article is going at the outset. Tadit )

When a Nation gives up its sovereign currency it puts its sovereignty at risk. It becomes subject to the attacks of the bond vigilantes and can be forced into situations in which it can offer its young people so little opportunity that it forces many of its best and brightest to flee the Nation.

How the World Bank Undermines Its Own Development Goals ByPeter Bosshard , International Rivers 03/18/2013

The World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) is the most important source of development finance for the world’s poorest countries. A new round of finance is supposed to support goals such as inclusive growth, gender equity, and climate resilience. With an ill-devised proposal to increase IDA support for large infrastructure projects, including new mega-dams on the Congo and Zambezi rivers, the World Bank risks undermining these noble goals.

The Love of Money from Litopia After Dark with L. Randall Wray

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British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Chancellor George Osborne are currently enforcing “savage” spending cuts that, in Cameron’s own words, “will change our whole way of life”.


What have the British people done to deserve this punishment?
Tonight’s guest, Professor L. Randall Wray, has got some very revealing answers.
If you want to know how we got in this mess – listen to this show.
If you want to know what’s going to happen next – listen to this show.

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