Interview by Bill Moyer of Yves Smith and Dean Baker.

The video seems to be the whole interview. It is worth a couple of years of economics coursework under a ordinary US university, imo.

Audio of Michael Hudson, Political Economist

This link is to a fabulous rant/interview of Michael Hudson. I make this comment with my great respect. It is something that I've benefited from listening to multiple times. Overall it is a great peripatetic lecture. Lots of solid economic history.

A Video history of The Spanish Civil War

A video history of the Spanish Civil War, which was effectively the beginning of World War Two, sometimes described as a war against fascism. More accurately it was a war of different varieties of nationalist and corporatist fascism. It was also used as a proving ground for industrial warfare to be used during the wider European and Asian conflicts.

The Original Terrorists By Amiri Baraka

The terrorists have been here a long time.
The ones who took the slaves
The ones who ran and underbossed the plantations.
Especially those who made money from them.
They still at it. They never stopped.

These old guard terrorists.
And they still at it.
Still terrorizing.

When slavery was sposed to be ended,
they thought up the Klan
The Knights of the white Camelia!
When we was sposed to get reparations
They got Andrew Johnson a barefoot white man to stop it.

Every time we take a step these terrorists appear.
They ain’t never gone no where

Bill Moyers: On the Sabotage of democracy.

Bill Moyers does his typical good job on this commentary.

A GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE Michael Merrill, The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies

The theory of modern money summarized in the prior two articles is not just another perspective on the monetary system. It is also another perspective on government. In this final article, I want briefly to explore the implications of this alternative approach to government, especially as it relates to public sector workers and their unions.

UNDERSTANDING MODERN MONEY Michael Merrill The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies

Many of us believe that living-wage job guarantees, publicly-provided benefits and services, and well-funded, stronger enforcement of the laws and regulations already on the books, is pie-in-the-sky. We have been taught to think that such guarantees cost too much money and that we can’t afford them, even if we agree that they would be good things to do if we could. We have been taught wrong. We can afford such programs. And we can afford them without imposing an unfair tax burden on anyone.

WE CAN AFFORD PROSPERITY! Part One, by Michael Merrill The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies

The general public has been taught for thirty years and more to think of government as a burden on themselves and others, and therefore an obstacle to our shared prosperity. Anti-government propagandists have not only kept up a steady drum beat against any notion of public service that is not minimal, but they have also worked to slash government spending wherever and whenever possible.

Right Wing Anarchy Approaches

see this article first. I can't copy and paste this one.

Against Regressive Taxation Posted on September 28, 2013 By Fadhel Kaboub Denison University, NEP blog

See the original article and graphs here:

I was recently asked to testify before the Ohio House of Representative’s Tax Reform Legislative Study Committee. I urged the committee to carefully consider the long-term negative consequences of the regressive tax policy for the State of Ohio and its residents. What follows is the gist of my testimony along with some of the data that I presented to the committee.

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