Lies, Damned Lies & Sadistics: The IMF’s Role as Bankster Henchman by Don Quijones, Raging BS, 19/04/2013

“We make or break human life every day of every year as probably no other force on earth has ever done in the past or will ever do again.”

The above rather dramatic quote comes courtesy of one Davison L Budhoo, a former International Monetary Fund economist who, in 1988, broke ranks with the Fund, publishing a scathing 150-page resignation letter. In it he accused the organization of corruption, self-interest and deceit.

István Mészáros: The New Crisis of Capitalism

This is an important presentation by Istvan Meszaros, that years later is still apt and astute. Meszaros is truly a pathfinder for socialism, and is compatible, imo, with MMT.

This is a second interview of Meszaros that happened about the same time. The associated notes are not clear

"If the IMF is criticising UK austerity, things must be bad" Michael Burke guardian Wed. 17 April 2013

Britain has been singled out by one of the troika for its weak growth, proving the failure of Tory ideology and economic policy The failure of the government's economic policy has led to a damning indictment from the International Monetary Fund. In the fund's flagship World Economic Outlook report it lowered the forecast growth for the advanced economies as a whole, but Britain by more than the rest. The IMF repeatedly singled out the British economy for weak growth and negative outlook. Its chief economist, Olivier Blanchard, said the UK chancellor, George Osborne, was "playing with fire".

New Attacks on FDR’s New Deal Fueled by Old - and Discredited - Ideology" by Marshall Auerback, the Roosevelt Institute

If the US government had a dollar every time someone proclaimed to learn the lessons of the Great Depression, we probably wouldn’t have a budget deficit. Usually, these debates turn on the question of fiscal policy and whether in fact, FDR’s New Deal had a discernable role in generating recovery. “Fiscal austerians” have done much to dismiss the economic achievements of the New Deal, some even suggesting that FDR’s fiscal policies worsened the crisis.

Spain’s Descent Into Banana Republicanism by Don Quijones April 7, 2013

It seems that nary a day goes by without some new seismic political scandal breaking in Spain. In just the first few days of April, King Juan Carlos’ daughter, La Infanta Cristina, was charged with aiding and abetting her husband, Iñaki Urgangarin, in his myriad scams to embezzle money from the public purse.

"Jamaica's decades of debt are damaging its future" no author listed, The Guardian


The latest IMF loan does not 'rescue' Jamaica, whose debt must be written off if its people are to take control of their economy. Many people in Jamaica would have trembled as they read the financial press last week, telling them that their country is, again, due to be "rescued" by a loan package put together by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Does the World Bank speak with forked tongue on Land Grabs? Rob Nash, Oxfam’s Private Sector policy adviser,


Last week I was at the World Bank’s Land and Poverty Conference in Washington DC, sitting in one of the most luxuriously appointed office buildings I have ever seen, (and I used to work for Lehman Brothers), as we discussed the land issues that so critically affect many of the poorest people on our planet.

This week, this fine setting will play host to the annual Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group, where land issues will also be a big focus for many of the assembled policymakers, academics, NGOs and private sector investors.

Europe's Stark Choice: Resignation or Revolution by Don Quijones Raging BS Blog, Spain

Two years ago this May, Madrid's Puerta del Sol and Barcelona's Plaza Catalunya, Spain's two most important city squares, were occupied by thousands of indignant protestors. For many of the nation's highly educated but disillusioned youth, enough was enough, and for a short while it seemed that a new era of political mobilization beckoned.

Democracy in the Workplace: All About Collectives

This posting is as much about archiving this link. I am personally skeptical about presentations which seem excessively naive about the prospects of cooperatives to be successful. The importance of establishing a culture of commoning cannot and must not be under-estimated. Education is an essential element of that culture, not an incidental accessory.

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