In Search of Cooperative Management by Tadit Anderson May 15th 2009

  Often “mangement” in cooperatives has been a liability relative to the ability of a business to produce wealth on a sustainable basis and relative to its effect on its community. Even so, these difficulties do not really distinguish the management of cooperatives from management perpetrated elsewhere. Personalizing the faults of prior management after the fact does not address why management with in name only prior experience was accepted at the time and doesn't do anything toward changing the concept of management within cooperatives.

“The Reproduction of the Culture of Cooperation” by Tadit Anderson May 1st 2009

If establishing cooperatives was as simple as posting the Rochdale Principles and applying them as a recipe, then building successful cooperatives would be easy. What made the Rochdale Pioneer Cooperative model noteable both in its time and now, is that it sustained itself financially and culturally for more than a few years. The history of cooperatives is littered with the wreckage of cooperatives that failed as sustainable businesses or as cooperative cultures, or both.

The Ongoing Crash of Capitalism or Just a Joyride for the Rich

We are living in a time of uncertainty and precarity and it has grown to the point that even the rich are affected. Previous to the destablization of the stock market Capitalism presented itself as the only solution, the last man standing so to speak in the idealogical wars over how best to organize a society. There were of course radicals from all over the planet who questioned it and organized protests but it was not the mass media that was calling the U.S. government socialist or echoing plans to bail out the banks.

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