The Return of Rentier Capitalism Welcome to Neo-Feudalism or By the Way, Where did I put that Pitchfork ?

Welcome to Neo-Feudalism or By the Way, Where did I put that Pitchfork ?I

n case there is any doubt the robber barons and feudal lords are still with us. With the hedge funds gods now buying up huge swaths of foreclosed properties with funds that were given to their criminal banksters hand in hand with the courtier politicians. The shadow banksters and hedge funds built upon multiple levels of fraud are reducing the 99% to abject poverty and wage slavery. This is, simply put, a descent into economic hell. The black comedy of professed progressives from Slick Willy Clinton to Mr Promise "hope and change" and deliver more of the same, to local versions. The politicians are seeming there only to quell the masses, and deliver the 99% on a fork. This is what corporate feudalism looks like. In the 18th century the British East Indies Company was a front organization for numerous economic predators. The then colonies were occupied by both speculators and enslavers of multiple types, and a mass of people simply looking for land and a home where they could survive and flourish. What has happened is simply the return of rentier capitalism such that there is no where to escape toward freedom and liberty to live. All of this has been facilitated by economic and fiscal fraud.

I have been pressing monetary, fiscal, and economic literacy by way of the Ohio Green Party and this morning the person who in nominally running as the Green candidate for the governor's office declares that the rising poverty that is currently deemed acceptable by the higher predators, can only be reversed by way of taxation????!!!! Taxation will always be redirected toward the middle class because the rentier lords will alway evade taxes and the low income folks don't have much to tax. Yes, taxes should be applied to excessive profits, and the politicians will always rationalize softening the taxation upon the rentier. This person has apparently ignored every bit material I've posted or explained about MMT economics. If I out him for his stupidity and intentional illiteracy I will end up being pasted as a creep. No mention at all about changing fiscal priorities or creating and enforcing regulations related to fraud and tax evasion. This person has been sleeping and dreaming his little dreams of self importance. This massively ignorant. Worse it is simply "progressive" vanity politics. There will be no resistance to the next wave of even deeper. It is Nero fiddling while Rome burns. The US Greens in the majority are not interested in doing the work and self education to be anything more than vanity politics pretending to be in opposition. Stanley Diamond peg it a ways back. Particularly in the US we oscillate between mainstream corporatism and "alternative" corporatism, lacking the will or commitment or imagination to do otherwise.

The simplest way to describe these patterns is vanity politics. No, analysis no actual functionality, just straight up vanity and fraud. What this also does is largely eliminate even the figment of an alternative. Any information which is contrary to their belief matrix is deemed to be an imposition. So forget about the so called Greens. The US GP platform is strictly a poorly informed wish list devoid of any substantive research or comprehension of what it will take to convert wishful thinking into effective policy. Because of this absence of any functional fiscal proposals the Greens are not actually interested in reforming the institutions of governance at all. Even if they are elected to hold office they will fail miserably to accomplish anything other that posturing. They are so much like the Tea Party crazies that it is astonishing.

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