Jeffrey B. Perry on Theodore Allen's "The Invention of the White Race"

This is a complement to the interview with Gerald Horne. This is a short version of this presentation by Jeffrey Perry on Theodore Allen's deep and scholarly attack upon the superstitions that define White Supremacy and related issues. His website: has additional videos and articles posted. This is also offered because of the motivations involved with white supremacy are at their root economic in nature. It is important to notice that much of white supremacist ideology can be traced back to Plato, Aristotle, and the imperial ideology that long sustained the later portion of the Roman Empire. I expect to be reading Allen's book fairly soon, andt I expect that there will be substantial information clarifying the superstitions involved in establishing the US Constitution. I expect that Allen will also provide material which will in some sense serve as a preface to Charles Beard's "The Economic Consequences of the US Constitution." In detailing the fabrication of the related institutions of the social control, this body of research should illuminate a path out of the social superstitions of neo-liberal entitlements. Tadit

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