The Ongoing Crash of Capitalism or Just a Joyride for the Rich

We are living in a time of uncertainty and precarity and it has grown to the point that even the rich are affected. Previous to the destablization of the stock market Capitalism presented itself as the only solution, the last man standing so to speak in the idealogical wars over how best to organize a society. There were of course radicals from all over the planet who questioned it and organized protests but it was not the mass media that was calling the U.S. government socialist or echoing plans to bail out the banks. Really this isn't a full article but I wanted to get something up here so that our site is not blank. What do you think ?

Or perhaps the economic crisis has it's roots in an attempt to destablize the economy so that corporations and certain groups among the power elite can grab power.

Check out this article in the Atlantic .

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