A Better Economic Way Forward by Tadit Anderson

Friends and citizens,

Are you feeling lost and abandoned by your government? Are you tired of being lied to and terrorized? Are you ready to wake up and begin a learning about how we can change economic policies so that they serve the interests of our communities first and foremost? Are you in enough pain to consider that the economic policies that have been installed with all sorts of promised positive results were mostly lies intended to produce massive profits for the very few.

There are recognized economic and fiscal principles that describe a way to establish sustainable and sovereign economic policies without relying on debt based deficits. This perspective is reality based and has been excluded from being either considered or applied. Are you interested in restoring our capacity to live productive lives with a general level of prosperity for all of our communities?

The terrorism of long term austerity as necessary to eventually restore the economies of our communities are just more lies. These scare tactics are intended to persuade us to again surrender our assets and future to the same people and priorities which designed and produced the current economic catastrophe. The outcomes of "conventional" economic policies and assumptions have earned at least our skepticism rather than our fear and blind ignorance. The evidence stands that these policies are only capable of making a few people richer at the expense of our communities.

The Power of Knowledge

What is required is a major change in the way we think about and understand economics. It is a blunt fact that most of the economics profession as well as our politicians have been bribed into believing that it is in their personal interest to support the same economic principles and policies no matter how they are repackaged. Perhaps this faith-based allegiance to bribery is beginning to wear off because the pain has finally become very real and very personal for many people who once believed that they were somehow protected.

When people are drunk on unearned wealth, it is necessary to take away both the punchbowl and their keys. The central problem is not BIG GOVERNMENT, it is government that has been captured to serve the interests of the corporate fictions. These fictions can now outbid natural citizens in the campaign funding auctions by elected politicians of their sworn responsibility to defend democracy and the pursuit of happiness of natural citizens and of our very real economic homeland security.

The Mirror That Blinds

The miracle of relative middle class prosperity in the US, which existed for a few decades, was the result of several factors. Some of these factors were positive and some very negative. The US economy was the only developed economy which survived World War II relatively undamaged. The Great Depression of 1929 to 1938 has actually returned, just after the regulatory laws and institutions were disabled and after the net benefit of imposing a global empire vanished. It is as if economic collapse was never really very distant.

Invading and occupying other countries was and is at the cost of billions which are created as debt based deficits. Most of this expense goes to military related suppliers and other contractors. This strategy will not solve the actual contradictions of our political and economic model. In the name of false patriotism the plunder of warfare has always gone to waiting corporations at the additional cost of human life and of the lack of economic sustainability for the occupied communities, both foreign and domestic.

Neither capitalism or socialism are one size fits all concepts. The state supported forms of capitalism and of socialism have performed very poorly, but the goal is not either socialism or capitalism. The goal is to manage sovereign economies so that they are sustainable and that our communities can flourish without harming others.

Monetary and Financial Regulatory Reform

Substantial monetary reform and financial re-regulation is very important. Currently our monetary system is privatized and controlled by what is essentially a massive private trade association. Our economic interests as a sovereign nation have been privatized. This trade association is also known as the U.S. Federal Reserve. The power to issue our own sovereign currency, guaranteed in the US Constitution, was given away to private interests on the promise that they would prevent the boom and bust economic cycles, that they would act to limit inflation, that they would act in the interest of maintaining high employment level, and that they would regulate the behavior of the banks which are a part of that centralized system. They have failed to deliver on any of these promises.

As a privately held corporation it has been allowed special privileges which has included not being required to produce a public independent financial audit. Their staff and the staff of their owning interests have maintained undue influence within government, which under any normal inspection would be described as a conflict of interest. Further, the arrangement has established that the sovereign government is obliged to borrow its own currency from this privately owned centralized bank as a form of sovereign debt.

Part of the need here is for the reform of our campaign financing laws and of the erosion of of the rights guaranteed to natural citizens in the US citizens, being granted to corporate fictions. Corporations were intended to serve the needs and purposes of our communities. Instead our communities have been made to serve corporate profits.

Deficit Terrorism

Be very clear here, when it was promoted as being necessary to bail out unregulated and fraudulent banks, the politicians, both Republicans and Democrats barely hesitated in their signing over three quarters of a trillion dollars and more of public debt. In virtually the next breath they are lining up as a chorus to terrorize the public about the dire consequences that would result from using the same process to fund social purposes such as social and physical infrastructure.

The primary reason given by the banking lobby and its alumni to rationalize the banking sector bail-out in 2008 was that the imminent economic collapse was the result of a "liquidity" problem. The reality was that the too big to fail banking corporations were bankrupt due to mis-management, control fraud and worse. The financial sector remains unexamined for the white collar crime that was enabled in multiple ways. The courtier politicians have dutifully have avoided a close examination of the fraud that has been institutionalized, preferring to do hearings featuring deflections, denials, and shifting responsibility to people who sought some means of having shelter.

Fair And Balanced Trade, Not Free Trade

For approximately fifty years we have been in a trade war, particularly with nations which otherwise have been described as our allies, particularly relative to our military enforcement of our global political agenda. Our financial sector has also come to dominate our productive industries and have extracted profits uncharacteristic of manufacturing industries. One important strategy in increasing the return on investment level has been to outsource jobs under the premise of free trade as a strategy to lower labor costs.

Because the dominant economic model treats labor as only another commodity, the recognition that labor as individuals also represent consumers to buy the products that were once made in our sovereign nation, before those jobs were outsources to other countries. Over time and by way of increasing short term profits the capacity of our work force to also consume has been greatly reduced.

Parallel to this process has been the practice of subsidizing corporate agriculture, which has had partisan political benefits. Through the evasion of free trade principles it has permitted the dumping of excess subsidized agricultural products into low income countries such as Mexico Jamaica, South Africa and elsewhere. This dumping has resulted in unfair competition against small scale farmers which has forced those people off of the land. Through trade agreements such as NAFTA U.S. agricultural corporations have been able to then buy up the lands of these farmers to grow foods to be exported into the U.S. . Because these people lacked other choices they became economic refugees and illegally entered the US to find work and survive. The net effect of these migrant workers has been to suppress construction wages in the US and to reduce the real costs of producing labor intensive agriculture.

We need fair and balanced, not free trade. We also need to have industrial policies that protect sovereign interests that favor high value added industries to both balance international trade and to preserve our own economies. The same principle can be applied to the relationship between rural areas and inner city populations as compared to middle class and upper middle class areas. There needs to be a balancing of trade between low value added goods such as mining, forestry, fishing, and agricultural products.

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