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This is material related to the UN and the G20 which covered issues related to global and developmental economics

The UN General Assemnbly, The Civil Society Event, "People's Voices On The Crisis" June 20TH 2009 (Paper)


 D'escoto Brockmann President of the UN General Assemnbly
- The Civil Society Event - People's Voices On The Crisis
Address Of H.E. Miguel D'escoto Brockmann
President Of The United Nations General Assembly To The Civil Society
Event: People's Voices On The Crisis Church Of The Holy Trinity, 316
East. 88th. Street New York City
20 June 2009
Dear Friends,
Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society

Rich Nations Absent From UN Conf. ... Correa Calls for New Finance System, Press Release (paper)


 President Rafael Correa of Ecuador gave a dynamic and stirring speech. When he said he would like the IMF to disappear he received a standing ovation. Correa is firmly in the camp of the Latin American countries breaking away from the Washington Consensus. He told us how several Latin American countries are distancing themselves from the IFIs (International Financial Institutions) and forming their own Bank of the South and regional trading block.

Summary Report of the World Financial and Economic Crisis Conference (Paper) held 24-26 June 2009


To: IU ExCom and IU UN NGO Representatives
From: Alanna Hartzok
Date: July 29, 2009
Re: Summary Report of the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development held 24-26 June at UN headquarters in New York.
Included in this report:
Conference Overview and Highlights
Reports from Hal Friedman and Teckla Negga
Report on Alanna and Quisia Gonzalez activities.
Proposed follow-up.
Other documents accompanying this report attached:

Extracts from the Stiglitz Commission paper on the Global Financial Crisis (Paper) June 2009


Here are some extracts from the Stiglitz Commission paper on the Global Financial Crisis, which was the main output document of the June 2009 UN conference by that name. The underlining is not in the paper but I inserted for IU UN NGO Report:

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