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videos in a public context or where the speaker(s) is not commonly known as a speaker

Douglas Rushkoff LIFE Inc.


 this video relates to the nature of corporate cultures and the innovation of corporations to extract money from communities during the late middle ages in Europe. See also the trifold pamphlet in the pamphlet/papers section titled "Defining Corporatism."

The Debtor's Revolt Army: The Battle Plan


 This is the third video from Rockerchic4God on this topic. The Website that she mentions is

The Debtor's Revolt continues: Bank of America contacts


 this is the second of the series.

The Debtor's Revolt Starts Now


 This is the first of several youtube videos by a woman who names herself as "Rockerchic4God"   As of this posting I see two additional follow-up videos. Admin

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