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Open Letter to Pope Francis By Michael Bauwens P2P Foundation

An Open Letter to Pope Francis on the Ethical Economy

Dear Pope Francis,

I write to you as a cultural Catholic moved by admiration for the Christian values and how they have been embodied by social change activists such as Ivan Illich, E.F. Schumacher, Paolo Freire, and profound and provocative thinkers such as Marshall McLuhan and Bruno Latour.

"The Challenge of Social-ism" by Benjamin Farrington (1947), ed. by Tadit Anderson (2014)

Preface by Tadit Anderson: The following is an article published in 1947 in the Irish "Review" by Benjamin Farrington, who was a noted "social-ist," classics scholar, and professor. The title "The Challenge of Socialism" combined a call by James Connolly, who had been an inspiration and mentor to Farrington in absentia. Farrington echoes Connolly in calling for the communal capacity for the creation of jobs. This specific advocacy did not have the economic and fiscal depth which has evolved as part of the legacy work to Modern Monetary Theory/functional finance(MMT/ff).

The Original Terrorists By Amiri Baraka

The terrorists have been here a long time.
The ones who took the slaves
The ones who ran and underbossed the plantations.
Especially those who made money from them.
They still at it. They never stopped.

These old guard terrorists.
And they still at it.
Still terrorizing.

When slavery was sposed to be ended,
they thought up the Klan
The Knights of the white Camelia!
When we was sposed to get reparations
They got Andrew Johnson a barefoot white man to stop it.

Every time we take a step these terrorists appear.
They ain’t never gone no where

Right Wing Anarchy Approaches

see this article first. I can't copy and paste this one.

The Next Chair of the Federal Reserve Must be a Regulator By Robert E. Prasch, NEP blog, Posted on July 25, 2013

If we go by the rumors circulating in the financial press, the Obama Administration is on the verge of selecting a proven failure – Lawrence Summers – to be the next Chair of the Federal Reserve System. This is the man, let us recall, whose greatest success in office was to work for the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 and the nudge along the passage of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 (which forbade any agency from regulating Credit Default Swaps).

China – Avoid the West’s Debt Overhead: A Land Tax is needed to hold down Housing Prices by Michael Hudson UMKC 07/22/13 2013

How can China avoid the “Western financial disease” – a real estate bubble followed by defaults and foreclosures? The U.S. and European economies originally sought to avoid this fate by taxing the location’s site value. A rent tax was the focus of Progressive Era reforms.

Democracy in the Workplace: All About Collectives

This posting is as much about archiving this link. I am personally skeptical about presentations which seem excessively naive about the prospects of cooperatives to be successful. The importance of establishing a culture of commoning cannot and must not be under-estimated. Education is an essential element of that culture, not an incidental accessory.

NGO representatives stop World Bank meeting By India Express News Service - BANGALORE April 9, 2013

World Bank’s multi-stakeholder meeting to review and update its current environmental and social safeguard policies ended abruptly here on Monday. Representatives of non-government organisations (NGOs), who participated in the meeting, accused the bank of funding environmentally unsustainable projects and charged that it was complicit in massive human rights and environmental violations.

Review of Peter Linebaugh's The Magna Carta Manifesto

The Magna Carta Manifesto

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