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Another interview with Peter Linebaugh author of The Magna Carta Manifesto

This interview is 29 minutes long. I highly recommend his book The Magna Carta Manfesto. I would love to promote bringing Peter Linebaugh here to give a talk.


Peter Linebaugh on the Magna Carta

Within the framework of a course in "Ethics and the Economy" which focuses on issues of equality and freedom within current economic institutions, by referring to the main theories of justice (esp. Rawls). Professor Linebaugh will connect the contents of his book "The Magna Carta Manifesto: Liberties and Commons for All" with how current capitalist institutions limit liberty. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation wishes to thank Professor Yannick Vanderborght for the support to this initiative.

The nature of the commons via a 13th century folk poem

Typically this poem is dated from the 17th century and the time of the levellers and of the New Model army/navy. I would suggest instead that its dating is a product of its documentation in the 17th century, and as such is not a dating based upon its original context. As part of folklore it is a product of the folk of the commons culture which dates back to at least the 13th century. This is not to say that it wasn't popular during the 17th century which is the time period when commons customs were intensely criminalized in England.

The law locks up the man or woman

LA Candidate Defeats the Billionaire Boys Club In School Board Election By Peter Dreier March 8, 2013

Zimmer urged his supporters to resist the "takeover of the board and this assault on our democracy" by big money interests.

video: Fadhel Kaboub of Denison University on Jobs Guarantee Programs

This is a presentation by Dr. Fadhel Kaboub from Denison University on Jobs Guarantee Programs

Being In the World

Business Can't Win the Privatization Game Without a Handicap by David Morris

This is a fairly good commons focused comparison, side by side with the The Stilglitz Vanity Fair article, the principle of the commons seems more obvious. Tadit

The private sector depends on public subsidies to compete with the public sector

"Introduction to Class Analysis" Ralph Larkin, John Jay College., from "A Class Analysis of Contemproray Events:Blog" 03-25-11

Dear Readers, this is from a contemporary sociologist that I have great respect for. He and Dan Foss wrote a good book on social movements, "Beyond Revolution," which when I was doing my research in that area provided me with a substantial basis for my own interpretation and insights into the nature of socializing movements as a cultural process. More on this another time.

"Protesting Austerity: A Global Call for Sharing and Justice" By ADAM PARSONS and RAJESH MAKWANA, Counterpunch 02/23/10

In a dramatic series of events since late 2010, a new and intensified phase of public protest has erupted across both wealthy and poor regions of the world. Right across Europe, harsh programs of financial austerity have led to escalating protests and mass public campaigns; in the Middle East and North Africa, a revolutionary wave of civil unrest is gripping the international media; and less reported are countless smaller anti-government demonstrations taking place across diverse continents.

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