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Has History a Meaning? By Benjamin Farrington (1950)

This is another lecture given by Benjamin Farrington, who I consider to be a nearly lost great scholar of socialism. Farrington's text below is unedited.
Tadit Anderson

"Economic and Fiscal Functionality through the Lens of Socializing Movements" by Tadit Anderson

The probability of demonstrating the democratic functionality of MMT/ff economic and fiscal policies in an academic or literate fashion to persuade politicians toward a conversion experience is unlikely. Even with our best communicators speaking in a mass media context or other public forums there are various other factors that need to be examined, such as learning styles and self interest. Even if the analysis is right and validated by history the politicians will act upon the net amount of political influence supporting one set of policy priorities over another set of interests.

Being the Change (draft) Tadit Anderson, after a month of writing and re-writing

Readers,this is a draft of the first part of the proposal I am working on. Please, offer constructive suggestions if you have any. thanks,

The draft below is as of July 12th 2012 Tadit

Introduction to the Community Reserve Exchange, Being the change...

version 4.5, post July 12th, 2012


"From the Twin Oaks Intentional Community to MMT/FF, Community Centered Economics That Works" by Tadit Anderson

This is a piece of a larger project to present the Community Reserve Exchange as an autonomous economic initiative. Feedback is generally welcomed, Tadit

Madison Labor Activists Strategize for 'Class War' Ignited by Walker Budget Bill" Pat Schneider,The Capital Times Feb. 16, 2011

What's happening now in Wisconsin, with thousands of workers flooding the Capitol to protest Gov. Scott Walker's move to snuff the collective bargaining power of public employees, is much more than backlash against a union-busting maneuver, labor activists and their supporters said Tuesday evening at a forum at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Madison.

It is, they insist, the first counter-strike in a class war being waged against workers.

The danger of Grameenism By: Patrick Bond with Khorshed Alam Himal magazine, October 2010

Far from being a panacea for fighting rural poverty, microcredit can impose additional burdens on the rural poor, without markedly improving their socio-economic condition.

Sworup Nhasiju


Readers: This represents a somewhat different perspective and has some analytical flaws which I will comment on later. PROUT can be an adequate starting point for the transformation of economic practices. The point being made by this inclusion is that at least this position does not attempt to validate and justify oligarchy and greed which underlies much of the econo-theology of "Free Market" capitalism, imo.This article also comes from Venezuela, which is attempting to establish a 21st century socialism. What that goal implies or what the outcome will be is for a different time. Admin


Readers: Please, also read Jamie Walton's rebuttal to this article which makes Ellen Brown's suggestion a red herring at "Why States Going into the Banking Business Would be a Distraction, not a Solution to their Fiscal Problems"

Ellen Brown, October 14th, 2009

"Hunky Dory" by James Howard Kunstler

 ...get local, get finer, downscale, and get going on it right away...


" Invest Locally: Put Your Money Where Your Life Is" Michael Shuman

Americans want to invest locally: here’s how.
by Michael Shuman
posted Jun 05, 2009


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