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Lucky's Business Plan by Tadit Anderson

This is most likely of no interest to any reader outside of Columbus, Ohio. The principle of as above, so below holds. The crony capitalism and financial fraud on Wall Street and in "the City" on High Street is reflected also on Main Street.

I have not seen a copy of Lucky's Columbus's business plan, even so there are several points that are very obvious.

Cyprus is paying a painful price for bowing to international capital By Tim Jones New Statesman, 25 March 2013

Being controlled by global financial interests does not benefit ordinary people, their economy or democracy, writes the Jubilee Debt Campaign's Tim Jones. A small country is being brought to its knees by a huge banking system which has recklessly been lent money from overseas. Controls on money leaving the country have had to be introduced. The size of the debts owed mean there is no way the government can simply bailout the banks. For Cyprus in 2013 read also Iceland in 2008.

Top Banking Analyst: Subsidies to Giant Banks Exceed $780 Billion Dollars Per YEAR

See my comment to this article. To a strong degree this supposed analyst doesn't understand rentier economics at all. My contention is that the situation is much worse relative to the net effects of the privatization of the economics, not just of the economy, not better, the strategic advantage alone to determine who gets debt based capital and who doesn't is extreme.

New Deal 2.0 website/foundation Being turned to serve the salary aspirations of the mini-me greedheads in academia

Otherwise Good WaPo Article on Modern Monetary Theory Marred by Undeserved Praise of Roosevelt Institute

In the “wonders never cease” category, the Washington Post, which is normally firmly in the camp of orthodox economic thinking and budget hawkery, ran a very well researched and complementary article by Dylan Matthews on Modern Monetary Theory. This may be a sign of MMT moving out of being regarded in policy circles as fringe (some might say lunatic fringe) to a useful part of an economist’s toolkit.

African American Youth Joblessness and the "New Normal" By Carl Bloice - Oct. 21, 2010

Readers, please understand that the official unemployment figures are rigged for political purposes, so the actual figures will be even higher. This whole situation is getting ready to explode. Combine this with the abject stupidity of both the Tea Party corporate brown shirts and the BHO administration, and we are describing an explosive situation. Tadit Anderson

Abandoning a Treacherous Market Karen Maley Business Spectator3 Sep 2010

Readers, I am gratified in a way that this high level hedge fund manager is seeing the same dire prospects. My prediction is that a stampede out of the market will cause a large drop in the rest of the economy. The major point being that the economy has not and is showing no evidence of any recovery either in the pipline, so to speak, or even in the sweet bye and by. The November election results as well as the triply grim prospect for retail trade toward xmas could easily set the phony speculative economy to drop greatly in volume and price levels.

FDIC Closes Seven Banks, 2010 Total Climbs To 37 MARCY GORDON | 03/19/10 AP

Reader, doing the simple math the FDIC is ahead of last year's rate already. Given that the economy is very like to take a sharp turn for the worse this fall and that there are many banks effectively waiting their turn at FDIC staff scrutiny, the number is likely to reach 200, in my opinion. The Wall Street zombie banks are another category entirely, and probably won't survive even having the losses that they have parked off of their accounting statements come home to roost. The next 8 months is likely to be very bumpy.

The Economic Case against Bernake By Steve Keen of Debtwatch Jan 24th, 2010

Readers, at this point the advice is a missed opportunity, but it explains the reasons why Bernake should not have been reappointed and what we are likely to have in the way of US Federal Reserve behavior for quite some time. It is basically bad news and a piece of insanity in the notion of attempting to use the same "solutions" to a massive problem over and over again, without really much regard to the real world performance.

Record Number of Young Americans Jobless, CHICAGO Reuters Jan 26, 2010

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. economic recession has taken a particularly heavy toll on young Americans, with a record one out five black men aged 20 to 24 neither working nor in school, according to research released on Tuesday. Teenagers have found it significantly harder to get a job since the recession began in late 2007, with black youths and young people from low-income families faring the worst, wrote Andrew Sum of Northeastern University in Boston, a employment researcher commissioned by the Chicago Urban League and the Alternative Schools Network.

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