Anti-austerity Protests

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The Return of Rentier Capitalism Welcome to Neo-Feudalism or By the Way, Where did I put that Pitchfork ?

Welcome to Neo-Feudalism or By the Way, Where did I put that Pitchfork ?I

Europe's Stark Choice: Resignation or Revolution by Don Quijones Raging BS Blog, Spain

Two years ago this May, Madrid's Puerta del Sol and Barcelona's Plaza Catalunya, Spain's two most important city squares, were occupied by thousands of indignant protestors. For many of the nation's highly educated but disillusioned youth, enough was enough, and for a short while it seemed that a new era of political mobilization beckoned.

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"A Master Class in Occupation" By Chris Hedges, Truthdig Oct 31, 2011

Readers, as you may already know Chris Hedges is a favorite of mine for several reasons. This article makes a good compliment to the David Harvey article just below.

as we go, Tadit

NEW YORK CITY—Jon Friesen, 27, tall and lanky with a long, dirty-blond ponytail, a purple scarf and an old green fleece, is sitting on concrete at the edge of Zuccotti Park leading a coordination meeting, a gathering that takes place every morning with representatives of each of Occupy Wall Street’s roughly 40 working groups.

"Rebels on the Street: The Party of Wall Street Meets its Nemesis" David Harvey, Verso Books Blog, Oct. 28, 2011

Readers, this article is no particular challenge content wise, it does not necessarily contribute very much to the target discussion(s), and it is a useful framing of the current related discourse. Visited an Occupy Halloween gathering this weekend with the Re-Imagining Economics trifolds which were given a mixed reception, though with a few significant possibilities which may develop to the positive. As we go, Tadit

"Class and the English Riots" by Tim Strangleman, Aug.29, 2011

A few weeks ago, England erupted with protests that many saw as tied to the global economic crisis. What began as a peaceful protest against the police, who had shot dead a suspect in Tottenham North London on August 6, rapidly spread across London and then to other parts of the country. Over the space of the next five days, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester all experienced a wave of rioting and looting.

Breakup of the euro? Is Iceland’s rejection of financial bullying a model for Greece and Ireland? By Michael Hudson, UMKC et al

Readers, relatively speaking much of Europe seems quiet, and of course the corporate media will tell the tales that benefit their profits foremost. The "quiet" part is compared to where the process is likely to go before the real political change that will support balanced trade. All of the clash and crashing has been in the name of dysfunctional fiscal policies as if they embodied sacred wisdom, though lacking much of any corroborating results.

"Spanish Socialists hammered in local elections" By Judy MacInnes and Fiona Ortiz, Reuters, MADRID, May 23, 2011 12:55pm EDT

Readers, sorry for being a bit lax lately. Lots of processing going on relative to the local contexts. The interesting point here other than the persistence of the Spanish left and the alliance of the Basque region with the nominal "centrist" acceptance of the neo-classical articles of faith based economics. There is an interesting layer in the running aground of the EMU, that the installed "sovereign" politics are still controlled by interests by those who benefit from the technical economic interests. This includes the tax evading class.

"Main Street Moves Against Wall Street" March 28, 2011 by: Richard D. Wolff, Richard D. Wolff's Blog

At last, the first signs that politicians are heeding popular anger at the austerity measures imposed to pay for bankers' greed.

When the current economic crisis hit, the Obama campaign blew away Bush and McCain by promising hope, change and a solution that would overcome this crisis and prevent future crises. Likewise, some governments in Europe came to power based on public fear reacting to the global meltdown. Ongoing crisis, mass economic pain and deepening public anger keep shifting political winds.

America Needs A N.A.P. By Curt Day,

In fact, America needs more than 1 N.A.P. But will we take it? What kind of N.A.P. are we talking about? We are talking about National Austerity Protests. The Wisconsin protests, as valid and inspiring as they are, are shortsighted and do not address the causes of the state's deficit problems. By not addressing the main causes, winning to maintain collective bargaining rights alone is shallow.

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